SHU students lose out!

A whopping 50 students from Hallam have lost out on loans, grants and bursaries due to a Phishing email.
In late February, early March a bogus email was sent through the University Blackboard mail system informing students that they could be entitled to more money than they were receiving.

One student who fell victim to the email was Jenny Saunders, a second year PR and Communications student. “When I read the email my first thought was, good, more money. I thought that this must be the new system of contacting students, I wasn’t suspicious at all, and everything looked so legit.”
The email which was sent had the subject line of ‘student grants’ or ‘university student grants’, therefore at first no query arose.
The scammers used a bogus SHU website and unfortunately successfully managed to obtain a number of student’s personal details. The details include student finance information as well as National insurance numbers.

David Mckevitt, another student who has become a victim to internet fraud reinforces the fact that he also didn’t have any suspicions, “I had no suspicions what so ever. The e-mail was sent from University and looked like any other e-mail.” David received the email on the 15th of March and it wasn’t until 2 weeks later that he got in touch with the Student Loans Company. “I was supposed to receive my student loan on the 28th March. However, when I checked it wasn’t in the bank. I waiting 2 days and then I got suspicious and rang up Student Finance, who then told me that the money has been paid, but into a different account.” As student finance had paid out the loans to students as far as they where concerned they could do nothing else. Both Jenny and David went to Hallam for help and were offered payment of £200 to tide them over, barely anything to the £1000+ which most students receive each term, especially those living away from home.

Both students are under pressure about whether or not they can financially stay at Hallam. David explains; “Obviously being a student, our rent comes out in instalments; therefore I have not been able to afford my last rent instalment. I have been in contact with my landlord and am in the process of ending my contract agreement, and looking for a place to stay for the remaining weeks of university and during my exams. I am also a final year student, these last couple of weeks at university are crucial towards my final mark, and with this incident, I have not been able to focus on this, with having more problems to deal with.”

The two both say this experience has caused them to be extra careful in these circumstances, warning fellow students to; ‘check all URLs and web addresses’ and also read through everything twice. David also encourages fellow Hallam students to join the Facebook group which he has set up since this ordeal, ‘To those been affected and lost their student loan.’

The investigation into the scam is still underway.

By Margaret Repton.

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Podcast 2 – The Cost Of Living Quiz

Check out our second podcast where we play The Cost Of Living Quiz.

How well will you do?

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That’s a ‘Milky Wrap’…

Last night saw a group of Film and Media students from Hallam come together to make money for their final film project.
The Out O’ Date Milky Wrap Party took place at SOYO. (SOYO, Rockingham Street)

The night saw 250+ guests enjoying what was on offer, from discounted drinks, home made cakes, raffle prizes and beautiful jewellery form the collective creations of ‘Nanny May’, , ‘Beau Bunny Jewellery’ and ‘Shinyprettyjewellery’
All purchased items proceeds went to the overall fundraiser. Take a look at the Facebook pages to get more of an idea of the styles of jewellery on offer.

The evening was in full swing due to the unique styling of Jimmy May working the decks and keeping everyone entertained.

(Dj Jimmy May)

All members of the crew were out in full force to gain support for the film they had all worked so hard on, Jimmy May, Amy Tuffnell, Thomas Husbands, Emma Ward, David Palmer worked extremely hard in order to ensure all guests had an enjoyable night as well as giving themselves what could only be described as a well deserved ‘pat on the back’.

(Director: Jimmy May and Producer: Amy Tuffnell)

As well as providing the music, Jimmy May also directed the Out O’Date production so I was keen to get his thoughts on last nights event, “The night was extremely enjoyable from behind the DJ booth, it’s lovely to see people having such a great time to your music. I couldn’t have dreamt a better crowd would turn up – the guests were fantastic and so was the atmosphere. We must extend a hand to SOYO in thanks for everything they helped us out with, very accommodating venue and recommended to all that wish to have a private party! Bring on the next one!”

The venue was full of positive vibes and everyone there could be seen to having a good time, one wrap party guest, Verity Watkins exclaimed, ‘I really enjoyed the night, great music and cheap drinks all in aid of a good cause!’

(Above: Amy Tuffnell and Thomas Husbands, sorting out the raffle.)

The whole night was a complete success with just under £200 been raised to help towards the final production. Amy Tuffnell, ‘Out O’ Date’ producer says; “The money raised will be used towards the distribution of the film and also help us out when we enter it into upcoming film festivals”

I myself had an enjoyable night and wish all involved in Out O’ Date the best of luck for the future!

By Margaret Repton.

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Podcast 1 – Referendum

The first of our weekly podcasts. This week we discuss the upcoming referendum on the reform of the voting system.

Also, see if you spot Phil’s early gaff.

Steel City News.

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World’s Largest Umbrella Dance Result

Umbrella DanceWorld record attempt raises over £300 for charity, despite not making it into the coveted Guinness book.

140 umbrella-wielding people turned up to the event at Endcliffe Park last Saturday, in hope to set a new world record for the largest umbrella dance.

Spectators enjoyed an eight-minute choreographed routine to the classic ‘Singin’ in the rain’ by Gene Kelly.

However, they failed to reach the target of 322 participants to break the world record set in Puducherry, India last August.

The event was organised by a group of four event management students, who were required to put on an event as part of their course.

Event organiser Charlotte Scott, aged 21, said: “The event went really well. We were all very happy with the attempt and raised lots of money for two good charities.”

A total of £310 was raised through entry fees, raffles and donations, and will be split between the charities Banardos and Sheffield Mencap.

Participant Charlotte Rowley, aged 21, said: “Although we didn’t break the record, it was good fun and great to see a diverse mix of people joining in.”

Watch the world record attempt here…

By Phil Corker

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One Stoop Beyond: Sheffield band with “loyal fan base” on the rise.

As the lights went down in The Plug, and four young men walked on to the stage, the audience fell silent and waited. Waited in anticipation, as to what the The Stoops were going to deliver.
The crowd was not disappointed, as they were treated to an amazing and slightly unexpected electronica, dance, indie-pop infusion.

Liam Morley, 21, a student from Sheffield said: “The Stoops were amazing tonight, I’ve seen them a  few times now, and they just keep getting better and better. It’s fantastic to see a Sheffield band doing well.”

Sheffield band, The Stoops have been working hard at their music for years, and it shows. Their unique and thought-provoking songs have earned the boys a loyal following of fans and numerous amounts of gig offers. As well as having the opportunity to support  Little Man Tate at The Boardwalk and The Plug.

Dale Staniland, lead singer and guitarist in The Stoops said: “I couldn’t believe it when we were asked to support Little Man Tate, they’re such a fantastic band. It finally felt like we were being noticed.”

But it hasn’t always been this way. Like many Sheffield band before them, The Stoops have found it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and make a name for yourself within the Steel City music scene.

Dale said: “We found it hard not to sound like so many other generic indie bands. The references to the Arctic Monkeys, because we had an indie sound and were from Sheffield, would always crop up. We had all been listening to a lot of dance songs lately, that is why we decided to change our sound, and incorporate more dance inspired tunes.”

School friends first, the band have been together for five years, and have played in some of Sheffield’s top music venues, including: The Plug, 02 Academy and The Boardwalk.
The lead singer recalls: “We’ve been fortunate enough to play in some of Sheffield’s most prestigious live music venues, and play with some great bands, and we always hope that we’re going to get noticed by someone within the music industry.”

Sheffield bands like The Human League and Pulp highlight the talent that has been produced in Sheffield. It also shows that hard work and raw talent are key ingredients for making it in the music world. Something which the Sheffield music scene has in abundance. 

See the full interview with Dale below….

And The Stoops playing at The Plug…

By Laura Browse.

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Sharrow Lantern Carnival… Scientist or Spiritualist?

As the Carnival hits its 7th year, Sheffield is again given the chance to get creative. The carnival was devised in 2004 by the creative action network (CAN) to celebrate the beginning of spring and was intended to bring people together, and there is no doubt that the carnival is a continuing success.

Sophie Brodie, an Events Management student at Sheffield Hallam University voluntarily aids the organisation of this year’s carnival in her spare time, working alongside the carnival manager Luisa Golob, who also manages Sheffield’s Art in the park events.
Sophie got involved with the planning of this event last November as it provides her with excellent experience she can use towards her overall degree.

This year the Lantern Carnival will take place on the 3rd of April, beginning at 1pm at Mount Pleasant Park with a Grande finale in Sheffield General Cemetery, described as a, ‘unique oasis’, later that day.

2011 brings us the theme of Elements and offers lantern makers two different takes, the scientific or the spiritual approach on how they choose to make their lantern. All lanterns are sure to make this year’s carnival just as astounding as the previous with a magical array of creations, ‘from the big and bizarre to the compact and clever’.

Workshops have been running every Saturday since the beginning of February and will continue to do so up until the end of March. Lantern makers have the choice of attending either, Sharrow Old Junior School on South View road or Highfield Trinity Church on London road between 12pm and 4pm to get the creative juices flowing ready for carnival day.

I was keen to get Sophie’s take on the event and find out why helping out is rewarding for her, ‘I believe the carnival is vital to Sheffield as it provides the local community with an accessible opportunity to demonstrate their wealth of creativity. With such busy lifestyles today, I feel people are struggling to engage with their community and to find sufficient creative outlets; however the lantern carnival provides a solution through its unique and fun series of events and activities that are entertaining for all ages, and that bring a sense of community togetherness.’
This years carnival is set to be one of the best yet, so do not miss out, get your thinking caps on and get those ideas flowing. All lantern makers welcome!

For more info on anything carnival related check out the CAN website, or follow the organisers on twitter @sharrowlanterns

By Margaret Repton.

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World’s Largest Umbrella Dance

This Saturday will see a world record attempt for the largest umbrella dance, with hundreds of people performing a choreographed routine to the classic ‘Singin’ in the rain’.

The event, which will take place at Endcliffe Park, has been organised by a group of event management students, known as C-JEM, who were required to put on an event as part of their course.

They are now urging as many people as possible to bring out their umbrellas and wellies, and perform the simple routine. The steps can be learnt beforehand by watching the videos on YouTube.

The world record attempt will also be a fundraiser for the charities Banardos and Sheffield Mencap, with all donations being split between the two.

Event organiser Emma Julius, aged 22, said: “We were told to do something as innovative and creative as possible, and the idea for a world record attempt came from that.

“We ask that people learn the dance moves before, but there will be time to learn them on the day.”

The world record currently stands at 322 participants, and was set on 5th August 2010 in Puducherry, India.

Organiser Charlotte Scott, aged 21, said: “This is the first big event we’ve had to do and there is a lot of pressure. We didn’t realise just how big it was.

“The event costs £3 to take part, and there will also be raffles and donations. We hope to raise around £1000.”

The local media has picked up on the event, and the group have been interviewed on Radio Sheffield, Magic AM, and Burnsgreave Community Radio.

They have also got involved with the Forge School Sport Partnership, who has been promoting the event in local schools. They now have children from St Joseph’s, Ecclesall Primary, and Greystones Primary School taking part.

If you’d like to get involved the event takes place this Saturday 19th March at Endcliffe Park. Registration starts at 10.30am, with the dance taking place at 1.45pm. There is a £3 entry fee with all money going to charity.

To find more information, and to learn the dance moves, go to

And don’t forget to check back here next week to see if the record has been broken, and to see how much money was raised, along with a video of the dance!

By Phil Corker

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Boardwalk Update

The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk

Last month, we at Steel City News reported that legendary music venue The Boardwalk remained closed with little sign of reopening. One month on, and this is still the case.

At the end of last year, it was announced that the venue, located on the corner of Snig Hill, was undergoing a refurbishment and would open in February.

In addition, a spokesman revealed in December 2010 that, “We have three parties interested in taking over the lease to allow us to continue.”

However, Chris Wilson, a promoter for the venue said today, “The parties who were interested in buying all fell through, and no one new has come forwards.

“The venue is currently a shell, with no furniture, functioning stage or PA system.”

Under The Boardwalk, a separate venue located underneath, looks to have a more promising future. “Someone is buying the venue downstairs and it looks as though it will become a real ale pub,” said Chris.

“This has a different set up to The Boardwalk and isn’t linked in anyway. The Boardwalk will remain shut.”

By Phil Corker

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Paris. Your Thoughts?

A brand new student night club opened this week, ran by the people who brought the legendary Gatecrasher club to Sheffield.

Named Paris, and held every Wednesday, the club promises quality tunes, great drink deals, glamorous people, epic sound and light system, fit staff, and loads of goodies.

Located on Carver Street, just down the road from Babylon, the club hosts two of the city’s finest DJ’s; Danny Beck, and Lee ‘The Truth’ Smith, a former Gatecrasher and Jump Around (Plug) DJ.

But we at Steel City News want to know if you agree with all this hype. If you’ve been, or even if you haven’t, please select an option from below.

By Phil Corker

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