Svengali comes to Sheffield…

Last night there was an air of mystery in Sheffield as well known illusionist Derren Brown took to the stage in his new show, ‘Svengali.’

I caught Lewis McPherson on his way into the theatre, Lewis was more than happy to give us a few words on his expectations of the show.

Over 2000 people took their seats in The City Hall waiting in anticipation to see what was in store for them. Being part of the 2000 strong crowd was an amazing feeling; the whole theatre was abuzz with incredible atmosphere as Derren took his place centre stage to a standing ovation. I could see from this that he was clearly a crowd favourite.
As this was my first time at a show like this I was rather clueless as to what to expect. I had watched the Derren Brown programmes on TV but I knew a live performance would be something spectacularly different, and I was not disappointed.

Throughout the show, Derren worked well at continuously interacting with the audience, keeping that certain suspense and finishing with the unexpected. Audience participation was rife and you could clearly see the camaraderie Derren would have with anyone he connected with. The fact that there was always that interaction with the audience made the show that much more enjoyable as you constantly felt in tune with the man himself. He controlled the audience impeccably as whilst he spoke the theatre was silent; the audience were clearly keen to not ‘miss a trick’.
The show consisted of a lot of humour as Derren brought a lot of laughs to the audience, those of whom were willing of course. I honestly don’t know how he does what he does, all I can do is encourage everybody to go and see a show. As the line goes, ‘You won’t believe it till you see it’. I know I didn’t, but I can honestly say my mind was boggled, what I was seeing was unbelievable.

One attendee, Tom Millington said of the show, “Simply my mind was blown, everyone was saying that he couldn’t possibly come up with anything new after so much variety in the past but I think it’s now obvious to never doubt Derren Brown to pull out a 5 star show”.
I will defiantly be attending more of Derren Brown’s live shows; they are truly something not to be missed!

I won’t give anything away I’ll just say, look out for the ending, one word a-mazing. Derren Brown, a must see for the curious.

After the show I caught back up with Lewis, I was interested to know what he thought of the show and if it met his earlier expectations. As you can see from the clip below, he too had nothing but praise for the fabulous entertainer.

By Margaret Repton.


About margaretrepton

Hi, I'm Margaret. I'm a 21 year old third year Journalism student.
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