Pot luck for Higgins?

After an intense snooker final it was John Higgins who reigned supreme. The majority of avid snooker fans had their eyes glued to the screen yesterday as Higgins came from behind to beat 21 year old ‘sensation’ Judd Trump in a heated game at Sheffield’s Crucible.

Trump had been in the lead throughout but a slight mistake saw Higgins jump into the lead and take five straight frames. “The finale was amazing to watch”, says Charlotte Hunt, fan of all thing snooker. “I wanted John Higgins or Ali Carter to win; I support them both every year. Higgins won so I was very happy”.

Higgins , after returning to play in November 2010 from a six month ban has now won three tournaments including three ranking events – the UK championship, the Welsh open and now this the world championship.
Charlotte, who has found herself watching more or less every match of the tournament, says she has always been a fan of snooker as she grew up watching it with her grandparents; however she found a new passion after attending the Crucible to watch a live game. “The atmosphere at the crucible is brilliant. It’s a totally different experience from watching it on the TV”.

The snooker final which took place on May 2nd brought in a record number of viewers. Viewers which are surprisingly and vastly becoming part of the cities younger generation. “My favorite thing about snooker is the camaraderie. No
Matter where you are from or who you support, everyone becomes friends for two weeks. It’s difficult to go out for a drink and not bump into someone who is in town for the snooker. Unlike any other sport, all the fans will support someone right into the final after their favorite has left”.

The Guardian reporting on the tournament throughout published the following statement; ‘No one can argue with his quality as a snooker player, particularly in a match play situation when his back was against the wall. Despite never truly finding his A-game throughout the tournament, he stubbornly refused to lie down.’

Congratulations Higgins, well deserved.

By Margaret Repton.


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Hi, I'm Margaret. I'm a 21 year old third year Journalism student.
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