A Royal Affair To Remember…

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The Royal Wedding: 2011’s most talked about, and eagerly anticipated event of the year….or is it?

The Royal Family has been an integral part in British history and culture for centuries.
Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne in 1952, and her reign has witnessed unprecedented scrutiny of the monarch’s role and her family’s private life. And the Royal Wedding is no different.
Rumours and speculation about the guest list, Kate’s weight loss and the wedding dress have all coincidently added fuel to the fire, and made the general public even more excited about the big day.

Across the country communities will be closing their streets and celebrating the royal wedding. Sheffield will be joining in on the festivities by holding a number of street parties.
Sheffield Council have nine confirmed street parties, with three in Millhouses on Sterndale Road, Endwood Road and Pingle Road. More celebrations are taking place on Norton Park View in Norton, Fossdale Road in Nether Edge, Cardoness Road in Crosspool, Bromwich Road at Meadowhead, Beauchief Rise in Beauchief and Ringinglow Road in Bents Green. There could be up to 25 events in Sheffield by the end of the month.

Mandy Proudfoot, 47, from Sheffield said: “I’m really looking forward to watching the wedding, I’m holding a small tea party for family and friends to celebrate.”

Wedding merchandise and memorabilia including: key rings, china and toilet seat covers can be purchased in remembrance of the big day.
Eva Middleton, 68, from Sheffield said: “I’ve already bought a key ring and a coin so that I have a souvenir of the big day. I’m really looking forward to it.”

With the Royal Wedding quickly approaching, it seems that some people can not get enough of the big day, while others are not interested at all.

Jessica Browse, 19, from Sheffield said: “I’m really not fussed about anything to do with the Royal Wedding. The only thing I’m excited about is having the day off work!”

Whether you have already picked out your outfit and your wedding hat for the big day, or are opting to sit in a darkened room on the 29th April, you really can’t escape the buzz and excitement.

Will and Kate fever has well and truly hit Britain and the Steel City.

Check out what other people from Sheffield think about the Royal Wedding in the vox pop below….

By Laura Browse.


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Hi, I'm Laura Browse, a student journalist from Sheffield. Check out my blog: Steel City News, and have a gander at the articles. Thanks!
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