Sunny Sheffield….

Great Britain, known for its Royal Family, fish and chips and bad weather.

children playing in the peace gardens

But over the last few weeks, the latter hasn’t been the case, as Britain has enjoyed some glorious sunshine…

The mini-heat wave began just as the school holidays did. And in typical British style, the population made their way outdoors to bask in the unseasonal outbreak of sunny weather.

The north of England, which usually receives the short end of the stick, where British weather is concerned, has not missed out, and has experienced sunshine which has rivalled the temperatures in Ibiza and Rome.

the peace gardens

Sheffield has been seeing temperatures reach 24 degrees C, and many wasted no time in making the most of the uncharacteristic British weather. The peace gardens have been extremely busy since the hot weather descended on to the Steel City. Many people taking the opportunity to sun bathe, whilst others opted to cool off in the peace garden fountains.

The sunny weather has coincided with Easter bank holiday weekend, the Royal Wedding, and the Snooker World Championships that are being held at the Crucible in Sheffield.

people relaxing outside The Crucible

Natalie Hare, 32, said: “It’s wonderful that the weather has been so nice over both of the bank holiday weekends. I can’t believe how sunny it is for the time of year.”

The Continental market has returned to Sheffield, and will be here until 2nd May. The market, which has a variety of different products, gifts and food on sale from around Europe, is a perfect way to spend a sunny day in the city.

The warm weather has also seen the sale of BBQ’s rise. Holly Mottershaw, 21, a check-out attendant at ASDA, Handsworth said: “Over the past couple of weeks, BBQ’s have been flying off the shelves every weekend. It’s very strange to see this happening in April!”

groups of friends relaxing in the Sheffield sunshine

The sunny, spring weather is a stark contrast from one of the worst winters Britain encountered last year. The harsh snow and freezing temperatures sent the country into panic.

Tony Gurnhill, 20, said: “The snow we saw last winter was horrendous; it’s great to see the weather has finally picked up. I believe we are all enjoying the weather while it lasts because we all know how quickly the English weather can change!”

the peace gardens 2

The population of Sheffield are basking in the sunshine, and taking what the fantastic weather has to offer. With temperatures reaching heights of 20 degrees C in the Steel City, many are wondering what the summer months will have to offer, as we all remind ourselves that it is only April!

By Laura Browse.


About laurabrowse

Hi, I'm Laura Browse, a student journalist from Sheffield. Check out my blog: Steel City News, and have a gander at the articles. Thanks!
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