One Stoop Beyond: Sheffield band with “loyal fan base” on the rise.

As the lights went down in The Plug, and four young men walked on to the stage, the audience fell silent and waited. Waited in anticipation, as to what the The Stoops were going to deliver.
The crowd was not disappointed, as they were treated to an amazing and slightly unexpected electronica, dance, indie-pop infusion.

Liam Morley, 21, a student from Sheffield said: “The Stoops were amazing tonight, I’ve seen them a  few times now, and they just keep getting better and better. It’s fantastic to see a Sheffield band doing well.”

Sheffield band, The Stoops have been working hard at their music for years, and it shows. Their unique and thought-provoking songs have earned the boys a loyal following of fans and numerous amounts of gig offers. As well as having the opportunity to support  Little Man Tate at The Boardwalk and The Plug.

Dale Staniland, lead singer and guitarist in The Stoops said: “I couldn’t believe it when we were asked to support Little Man Tate, they’re such a fantastic band. It finally felt like we were being noticed.”

But it hasn’t always been this way. Like many Sheffield band before them, The Stoops have found it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and make a name for yourself within the Steel City music scene.

Dale said: “We found it hard not to sound like so many other generic indie bands. The references to the Arctic Monkeys, because we had an indie sound and were from Sheffield, would always crop up. We had all been listening to a lot of dance songs lately, that is why we decided to change our sound, and incorporate more dance inspired tunes.”

School friends first, the band have been together for five years, and have played in some of Sheffield’s top music venues, including: The Plug, 02 Academy and The Boardwalk.
The lead singer recalls: “We’ve been fortunate enough to play in some of Sheffield’s most prestigious live music venues, and play with some great bands, and we always hope that we’re going to get noticed by someone within the music industry.”

Sheffield bands like The Human League and Pulp highlight the talent that has been produced in Sheffield. It also shows that hard work and raw talent are key ingredients for making it in the music world. Something which the Sheffield music scene has in abundance. 

See the full interview with Dale below….

And The Stoops playing at The Plug…

By Laura Browse.


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Hi, I'm Laura Browse, a student journalist from Sheffield. Check out my blog: Steel City News, and have a gander at the articles. Thanks!
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