Sharrow Lantern Carnival… Scientist or Spiritualist?

As the Carnival hits its 7th year, Sheffield is again given the chance to get creative. The carnival was devised in 2004 by the creative action network (CAN) to celebrate the beginning of spring and was intended to bring people together, and there is no doubt that the carnival is a continuing success.

Sophie Brodie, an Events Management student at Sheffield Hallam University voluntarily aids the organisation of this year’s carnival in her spare time, working alongside the carnival manager Luisa Golob, who also manages Sheffield’s Art in the park events.
Sophie got involved with the planning of this event last November as it provides her with excellent experience she can use towards her overall degree.

This year the Lantern Carnival will take place on the 3rd of April, beginning at 1pm at Mount Pleasant Park with a Grande finale in Sheffield General Cemetery, described as a, ‘unique oasis’, later that day.

2011 brings us the theme of Elements and offers lantern makers two different takes, the scientific or the spiritual approach on how they choose to make their lantern. All lanterns are sure to make this year’s carnival just as astounding as the previous with a magical array of creations, ‘from the big and bizarre to the compact and clever’.

Workshops have been running every Saturday since the beginning of February and will continue to do so up until the end of March. Lantern makers have the choice of attending either, Sharrow Old Junior School on South View road or Highfield Trinity Church on London road between 12pm and 4pm to get the creative juices flowing ready for carnival day.

I was keen to get Sophie’s take on the event and find out why helping out is rewarding for her, ‘I believe the carnival is vital to Sheffield as it provides the local community with an accessible opportunity to demonstrate their wealth of creativity. With such busy lifestyles today, I feel people are struggling to engage with their community and to find sufficient creative outlets; however the lantern carnival provides a solution through its unique and fun series of events and activities that are entertaining for all ages, and that bring a sense of community togetherness.’
This years carnival is set to be one of the best yet, so do not miss out, get your thinking caps on and get those ideas flowing. All lantern makers welcome!

For more info on anything carnival related check out the CAN website, or follow the organisers on twitter @sharrowlanterns

By Margaret Repton.


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Hi, I'm Margaret. I'm a 21 year old third year Journalism student.
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