Be my anti-Valentine….

anti-Valentine's Festival

Anti-Valentine's Festival

If the idea of lovey-dovey couples, candlelit dinners and unnecessary public displays of affection will leave you with a funny taste in your mouth this Valentine’s Day then head on down to the anti-Valentine’s Festival; Cupids in Nooses at The Rude Shipyard this weekend.

The festival, which was created a year ago by owner, Sally Smith, 27, encourages singletons to celebrate being young free and single. Live music and fancy dress is the order of the two day event, as well as their ‘world famous’ poetry competition.

The festival was thought up by friends and colleagues, Sally Smith and Laura Burn-Acaster, when Laura thought it would be a good idea to arrange some kind of event at The Shipyard. Sally said: “We decided to hold the festival around Valentine’s Day, because nothing really happens. Only, we don’t like the commercialisation of Valentines Day and it just isn’t what The Shipyard is about so voila, Cupids in Nooses is born.”

The event was such a success last year that people were flowing out on to the street. Holly Mottershaw, 21, attended the quirky festival last year, she said: “It was so fun. The atmosphere was amazing, I’m definitely going again this year.”

So, if you fancy tears in jars, dead flowers, and broken hearts why not pop on down to the The Rude Shipyard and enjoy a meal for one?

The anti-Valentine’s Day Festival is at The Rude Shipyard on Abbeydale Road. Runs Saturday 12th, 1pm-1am and Sunday 13th. Free entry.

By Laura Browse.


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